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Program Staff

Teachers and counselors at the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio are chosen, with rare exceptions, from among the students and graduates of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa. The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, founded in 1936, was the first graduate creative writing program in the United States and is still regarded as one of the finest. The Iowa Writers’ Workshop typically accepts 25 fiction writers and 25 poets every year from an application pool of over 1,500. Teachers and counselors for the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio are thus by default not only extraordinarily accomplished writers in the early stages of their careers, but have had the opportunity to acquire extensive teaching experience while studying at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, in many cases teaching creative writing to undergraduates. It is for their teaching experience, enthusiasm, and expertise that we hire them to work at the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio. In short, the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio offers young, passionate, high school-age creative writers the opportunity to study with some of the finest writers and teachers in the country.

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Former Staff

Writers who have taught or counseled at the Iowa Young Writers' Studio since its founding in 2000 include Daniel Alarcón, Alexia Arthurs, Andy Axel, Katherine Bell, Amy Bernhard, Catherine Blauvelt, Shane Book, Sarah Braunstein, Marion Bright, Jamel Brinkley, Thea Brown, Suzanne Buffam, Austin Bunn, David Busis, Amy Butcher, Scott Butterfield, Greta Byrum, Marjorie Celona, Daniel Cesca, Ashley Clarke, Harriet Clark, Lindsay Coleman, Arda Collins, Ben Doyle, Nick Dybek, Janelle Effiwatt, Jason England, Michelle Falkoff, Dana Fang, Joe Fassler, Sarah Fay, Adam Fell, Jorge Guerra, David Gorin, Jane Gregory, Jill Haberkern, Ben Hale, Meg Hartmann, Amy Hassinger, Mary Hickman-Fernandez, Nate Hoks, Naomi Jackson, Evan James, Leslie Jamison, Rebecca Johns, Nimo Johnson, Riley Johnson, Amanda Kallis, Daniel Khalastchi, Sally Keith, Kristin Kelly, Justin Kramon, Josh Kryah, Kerrie Kvashay-Boyle, Nam Le, Anna Lewis, Jason Lewis, Jane Lewty, Jack Livings, Claire Lombardo, James Longley, Carmen Maria Machado, Samantha Macpherson, Alex Madison, Dora Malech, Steve Marlowe, Anthony Marra, Peyton Marshall, Aaron McCollough, Madeline McDonnell, Sara McGuirk, Elyse Mele, Nancy Mendoza, Andrew Milward, Fatima Mirza, Kevin Moffett, Paula Morris, Anna Morrison, Becca Myers, Andrew Nance, Thisbe Nissen, Derek Nnuro, Emily Pettit, Daniel Poppick, Margaret Reges, Alex Ruskell, Lewis Robinson, Dan Rosenberg, Margaret Ross, Anjali Sachdeva, Sanjena Sathian, Christian Schlegel, Lauren Shapiro, Vivian Shotwell, Nina Siegal, Lucy Silag, Will Smiley, Jared Stanley, Kate Sullivan, Michelle Taransky, Tim Taranto, Catherine Theis, Vu Tran, Justin Tussing, Christine Utz, Kelsi Vanada, Anya Ventura, Cara Wall, Keenan Walsh, Patricia Walsh, Malena Watrous, Elizabeth Weiss, Lisa Wells, Monica West, Julia Whicker, Vinnie Wilhelm, Antoine Wilson, De'Shawn Winslow, Rachel Yoder, Ada Zhang, C. Pam Zhang and Jenny Zhang.