Covid Updates



January 6, 2022: Since evidence now suggests that Omicron is less dangerous than previous variants, and that vaccines and boosters provide strong protection against severe disease, we have decided to offer our 2022 Summer Residential Program both in-person and online, as a hybrid.

We will offer in-person sessions from June 12-25, 2022 (Session 1) and July 10-23, 2022 (Session 2) for students who would like to travel to Iowa City. We will implement procedures and protocols to protect students and staff from infection. Here are our COVID-19 Mitigation Policies and Procedures.

Concurrently with the in-person sessions, we will offer online sessions for students who are unable to travel to Iowa City or who prefer to participate in the program remotely.

Students accepted into an in-person session will take a 2-week core course and participate in the readings, workshops, and other events that are traditionally part of the Summer Residential Program. Students accepted into an online session will also take a 2-week core course and will have access, via Zoom, to many of the same readings, workshops, and events. We will make every effort to give the online students an experience as close to the in-person experience as possible.

The cost for the in-person camp will be $2,500 per student (this includes room and board). The cost for the online camp will be $575 per student.

All students must apply via Submittable in order to be accepted into either version of the program. When filling out the application, students will have an opportunity to indicate a preference for the version (in-person or online) and session (1 or 2) they would like to attend. Students can also indicate that they do not have a preference. Here's more information about how to apply.

Please keep in mind that these plans are provisional, and may change depending on the state of the pandemic. If a dangerous variant arrives, and/or if we don’t feel that we can operate the Summer Residential Program safely for all students and staff, we may go entirely online. No matter what happens, we will offer an online option. Our goal is to bring as many young writers together as possible, in person and/or online, and to do so safely!

We appreciate your patience as we work through these difficult decisions and plan during fluid and unpredictable circumstances.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions: We’re happy to provide more information and/or clarify any of these points.


Stephen Lovely, Director